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Av:  Haldis Lauksund
Publisert:  26.11.2010
Foto: Camilla Larsson
Oppdatert: 23.01.2017

Medical care

The primary doctor scheme

Everyone who is registered as a resident in a Norwegian municipality is entitled to be registered as a patient with a primary doctor (GP). In addition, asylum seekers and their family members are also entitled to be registered with a primary doctor (GP). This is called the primary doctor scheme. The scheme is voluntary. You may choose between GPs with free capasity on their patient lists. Check Helsenorge.no for available GPs in the municipality of Stord.

See your primary doctor about general health problems or to be referred to a specialist.

In Norway medical assistance at a public GP is free for the children under the age of 18 years.  

Accident and Emergency Department (norw:legevakt) 

The Accident and Emergency Department accepts patients in need of immediate help, i.e. treatment of illnesses and injuries that cannot wait until the next day. The Accident and Emergency Department is located at the Stord hospital.

Dial 116 117 for an appointment, or see the office during opening hours.

The opening hours of the The Accident and Emergency Department are: 

  • week days 15:00 - 22:00
  • saturdays/sundays/public holidays: 1100 - 18.00

Emergency Medical Services – EMS

In case of a life-threathening illness or a serious accident, dial 113. The EMS telephone is open 24 hours.


HELFO Service center

Phone: 815 70 030

E-mail: servicesenteret@helfo.no



Stord kommune
Postboks 304
5402 Stord
Borggata 2
5417 Stord
Ope: måndag-fredag 8-15.30

Telefon: 53 49 66 00
E-post: post@stord.kommune.no
Kontonr: 3201.23.04780
Kommunenr. 1221
Org.nr: 939866914

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