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Av:  Stord kommune
Publisert:  26.11.2010
Oppdatert: 08.03.2017

The municipality of Stord

On the south-west coast of Norway

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Stord on the mapSituated on the south-west coast of Norway, the municipality of Stord covers the southern half of the island of Stord and the smaller island of Huglo.

Stord is right on the coastal highway (E 39) between Bergen and Stavanger. From the mainland you may cross to Stord by ferry from the north, and by bridge and tunnel from the south.

There are daily flights from Oslo to Stord Airport, and express boats from Bergen and Stavanger depart for Stord several times a day.

From Vikings to offshore

The history of Stord goes back a long way. Bronze Age burial grounds are found in the area, and Vikings actually had their boathouses where today’s offshore rigs are being built.

Today Stord is a global provider of products and services for the oil and gas industry, and some of the largest oil-rigs in the world are built here.

The offshore industries, as well as our university college (HSH), have a strong influence on the growth and vitality of the region.

A small place that has everything

People from 80 different nations make Stord a vibrant and diverse community, and our 400 non-governmental organizations contribute to a rich cultural life.

Being a relatively small place, Stord has lots to offer and close access to practically everything. Fjords, mountains, entertainment, workplaces, schools, public services and shopping are all within short reach.

Stord is also the gateway to the Archipelago of Sunnhordland with its long tradition of recreational boating and fishing.

Stord Municipality Information Guide

The information brocure about Stord Municipality contains a lot of useful facts and information in both English and Norwegian.

Download the Information guide for Stord Municipality





Contact the municipality

Municipal offices switchboard

53 49 66 00


53 49 66 01



Opning hours


Chat with the municipal customer services (mon-fri 9am-15pm)


Stord kommune
Postboks 304
5402 Stord
Borggata 2
5417 Stord
Ope: måndag-fredag 8-15.30

Telefon: 53 49 66 00
E-post: post@stord.kommune.no
Kontonr: 3201.23.04780
Kommunenr. 1221
Org.nr: 939866914

Ansvarleg redaktør: Magnus Mjør
Nettredaktør: Haldis Lauksund
Teknisk ansvarleg: Leif-Arne Helland

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